Security Consulting, Planning & Risk Analysis

Security is an important part of our everyday lives both at home and at work. At home we protect our family, and possessions. At the office we also have an obligation to protect our colleagues, and the Organization's assets. Employees' participation in the security program is essential to achieving a safe and secure working environment and protecting those who depend on us. There are about 64 situations or incidents that may threaten the very existence of a citizen. It is necessary to identify the basic threats and relate each threat to the significance of each Organizational goal or objective. These threats must be analyzed to determine the probability and consequence of occurrence.

An estimate of the probability of an asset being compromised and the resultant damage will assist in determining the protective measures and emergency response that should be implemented to neutralize the threat. Managers at all levels, must implement emergency measures to the degree that the expenditure commensurates with the importance assigned to the task which has been prescribed by the department or any headquarters of corporation/organization.


NSS is prepared to provide clients with a Risk and Threat Assessment based on the probable threats that may impede the accomplishment of the organisation's mandate and then assist in the subsequent development of Security and Emergency Preparedness Plans and Procedures.The Risk Assessment & Survey Process NSS Consultants Offer:

› A comprehensive, objective written review and analysis of the property.
› Analysis of current security measures.
› Key staff interviews.
› Facilities activities analysis.
› Threat and risk analysis.
› Integrated security analysis.
› Recommendations and implementation priorities.
› Doorways security plan.
› Standard Operating Procedures for security operations.
› Closed circuit camera plan.

NSS will work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that your security system always matches your changing security needs.

A comprehensive access control system provides a powerful and economical solution for day-to-day access management combining features like card access, alarm monitoring, photo ID badge and CCTV and alarm systems. Manage dozens of readers and thousands of cardholders. Control access to your entire building from a central location. Use the distinctive signature of thumbprints or iris scans to identify authorized visitors to your facility.